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About Secunia Customer Area
The Secunia Customer Area is the commercial part of Secunia. It allows IT professionals to configure their own customised setup in order to provide only relevant security information for their specific network setup.

Secunia is currently the best source with the most validated vulnerability information available, ensuring that the IT professional always is informed about the latest threats and has the best information to work with.

The Secunia Customer Area requires JavaScript to function correctly, it has been optimised to work with the following browsers:

- Internet Explorer 6.x and 7.x
- Mozilla 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7
- Mozilla Firefox 2.x and 3.x
- Opera 9.x

Questions regarding the Secunia Customer Area can be sent to
Standards in the Secunia Customer Area
Certain layout standards have been applied to the Secunia Customer Area in order to ensure that the different information types are displayed in a way that is easy to recognise.

Please see the information below for instructions and advice on how to use the solution optimally.

1) Informational text
Informational text is always written on a plain white background. Normally used to explain the function of a specific page, it is also used to give a short description about special things on the pages.
2) Grey Input Boxes 
All boxes with a grey background similar to this always indicate that you can provide information or that you can change/update the entered information.
3) "Quick Menu"
When you have created the Network Devices (advisory filters), the name's identifying the Network Devices will be displayed on numerous pages within your Secunia Customer Area.
To allow easy and convienient navigation, a "Quick Menu" has been added. It is displayed when you click the name identifying the Network Device.

The Quick menu contains shortcuts to:
- To-do List (View current status and detailed list of advisories)
- Chronological List (Chronological list of current advisories)
- Historic Advisories (Details about historic relevant Secunia advisories)
- Scan IP (Request a vulnerability scan of the IP address associated with this filter)
- Edit Network Device (Edit / Change settings for this filter)
4) Help Links
Help links are available on many pages throughout the Secunia Customer Area and provide quick help and advice about specific features.

The help links are accessed by simply moving your mouse pointer over the text. Try to move your mouse over the following link: [ ? ]

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